Librium Tech

A Mining-Backed Rewards Token

Worldwide mining facilities generating passive income

High APY Staking

Yield Farming

Native Token Reflections

P2E Game

Ever-Increasing Mining Rewards

New Position-Based Rewards Structure

Advanced 6 contract multi-system

Simulated Mining Staking Integration

Staking pool receives reflections

Whale Token Reflections

Over 40% of the supply already burned

Liquidity locked with a multi-signature system w/ master key

ETH Bridge

Join The Revolution

Space M

Librium Tech | 2022

Librium Tech plans to become the FIRST multi-billion-dollar cryptocurrency backed by cryptocurrency miners.

Librium Tech implements real hardware infrastructure, position, and percentage-based tokenomics, multiple rewards structures, passive income from miners, and whale reflections.

Librium Tech will be pairing with BUSD and repairing with BNB to take advantage of market crashes. Librium will have the world’s first advanced multi-sig with a master key so that no one person can withdraw from liquidity without sign off of 5 different parties.

Librium Tech is pushing forward with a token that has the potential to always rise in value, thanks to the backing of corporate infrastructure, blue chip investors, and cryptocurrency consultants.

Librium Tech is excited to announce that our team is currently working on software that will allow Librium to be the first token used worldwide, just as Fiat currency is used today.

Librium Supply

Distribution Breakdown