A token providing multiple streams of passive income via perpetual crypto mining investments

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Ever-Increasing Mining Rewards

The team has created a never-before-seen tokenomic structure paired with mining rewards. This approach indefinitely increases the value of Librium token as additional miners are added to grow passive income rewards for all holders.

Our Librium mine will always be running 24/7, and maintained by our dedicated, experienced, and seasoned Librium mine team. The mine team is composed of electricians, professional BTC and ETH miners, and cryptocurrency analysts.

The Structure

Rewards & Tokenomics


The redistribution of rewards through the utilization of miners will create reward structures encouraging investors to increase their holdings.

Librium will implement 4 different types of unique reward structures:

  • Passive mining rewards for the top 1,000 holders broken into 3 different groups and phases.

  • Reflections will be distributed based on the percentage of tokens holders hold with 2% Librium token reflections provided to all holders.

  • The top 30 wallets will receive real-time 1% reflections of a featured coin or token chosen by our cryptocurrency analysts. As each day passes, fewer and fewer wallets will share rewards. As top holders compete to earn reflections, they will purchase additional Librium tokens in order to maintain their positions as the top 30 wallet owners.

  • Top 100 wallets for the staking pool receive passive income rewards.

  • Holders outside the Top 100 will have access to the high APY staking.

TOKENOMICS / 12% Slippage

For an extensive look into our mining equipment, projected yield, rewards roadmap, tokenomics, and more, check out our Pitch Deck